Friday, 8 April 2016

Scoter and A Few Seabirds

Saturday 26th March

With all of the recent sightings of inland Common Scoter, it came as no surprise when one was found on the Main Lake at North Cave. After a quick detour on the way home from Toby's football session, we were once again on site, viewing a new site and year tick.

Common Scoter - South Hide, Main Lake

We then headed over to the Crosslands hide, where there was now several "newly arrived" Sand Martins hawking over the pools., The Black tailed Godwit was also still present and the Avocet numbers had increased to 20+ birds.

Thursday 31st March

With the Easter holidays upon us, I knew birding would be extremely limited. My only opportunity came with a picnic trip to RSPB Bempton. Having read on their blog the night before, I wasn't expecting too much as it had said that the majority of the puffins had left the cliffs a few days before and were yet to return, great!!! Fortunately, I needn't have worried. Getting out of the car on arrival, I immediately saw my first Gannets of the year gliding along the clifftop. After a quick picnic lunch by the newly, vastly improved visitor centre, we headed down to the viewpoints. 

 Looking down to the sea way below, there were large numbers of Puffin in amongst the Razorbills and Guillemots resting on the water. Amy and Toby were beginning to doubt my i.d skills so had to do a bit of emergency reading up!!

As if they'd doubt their Daddy's ability to pick out a year tick or two!!

Scanning the cliffs from the large wooden viewpoints, we managed to pick out several nesting Puffins and some quite convincing looking Rock Doves. Not really sure what to make of these, quite a few genuine looking birds with pure white rumps but also quite a few that didn't look so good. There seems to be a fair few ticking these as Feral/Rock Doves on BUBO, but as I waited for my first as a lifer, on Shetland, I think I'll wait for one on my trip to Mull in early May. 

Amy hogging the scope from Toby!!

Feral/Rock Dove??

Kittiwake, Guillemot, Puffin and Feral/Rock Dove

Heading back towards the car, I finally had my first Meadow Pipits of the year. Next up was a trip to Flamborough for an......................................

Once again, the kids had done me proud and had put up with me trying to keep the 2016 list ticking along!!

Finally, a photo taken last year at Bempton by a really good friend of mine, Norfolk based photographer, Stuart Butcher

Take a look at some of his stunning images at: Stuart Butcher Photography

Friday 8th March

Off out for tea with the kids tonight and, as I'm sure Liz and any other birders partner would tell you, I'm always birding, no matter when and where. This time it paid off again with a pre-roost small flock of Whimbrel heading north over the A63 near Welton!!

British Year List: 142
Yorkshire Year List: 137
North Cave Year List: 76

North Cave Life List: 114

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