Monday, 2 May 2011

The dips just keep coming!!!

It doesn't matter to me whether it's for a lifer in London, a Yorkshire tick at Bempton or a just a good bird, I can dip anything. Today's effort was for the Collared Pratincole in North Lincolnshire. Having not seen one since I was doing a year list back in 2005, at Llanelli Wetlands, Gwent, I thought a trip to the other side of the Humber would make for a nice afternoon out with Amy.

Arriving on site at Rosper Rd Pools at 3pm, having seen that the bird had been showing well on the pager this morning, I was nearly knocked over by the wind getting out of the car, not a good start. I asked one of the few people left if it was still about and he said no but very kindly showed me the photos he had taken when it was last present at 1.10pm - cheers mate! Spent the next hour and a half sheltering from the wind in the car and viewing the pools in between reading storybooks to a very patient Amy. Teatime was calling, for her at least, so I reluctantly called it a day and headed home, just waiting for it to reappear on the pager, showing well!!

Rosper Rd Pools NR, Lincolnshire

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