Sunday, 29 May 2011

What a match!!

I know it's nothing to do with birding but did you see the game last night? I'd been looking forward to it since both teams made the final and it certainly didn't disappoint. Although it's not strictly the done thing, to support the opposition from another country, but hey, they were playing Man Utd after all and being a life long Liverpool fan, I had to go with Barcelona. Barca simply are the best team in the world, no matter what the experts have to say. Right the way through the team, from the manager, to the keeper and right the way through the starting eleven, all of whom would find a place in any team in the Premier League, they were fantastic. Messi was awesome, ok so he didn't have as good a game as he maybe has done in previous rounds of the competition, but you couldn't take your eyes off him, he's simply on a different planet to the rest.
I'm glad that Man Utd finally got what they deserved, they've been lucky this season, ok so they've won the league for a record nineteenth time, but Chelsea threw it away. Look how well they were playing early season and how many goals they were scoring. By sacking Wilkins they made a monumental mistake and paid the price. As for the game last night, apart from the early stages of the first half, Man Utd were outplayed and given the ultimate masterclass from the ultimate team.

 Messi - playing at Anfield next season, I wish!!!

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