Monday, 25 April 2011

Breezy at Bempton!!!

After yesterday evening's message saying that the 4 Shorelarks were showing at Bempton RSPB, I decided a family bank holiday picnic would be on for today. Arriving just after lunch, I wasn't hopeful of finding them and with no news either way on the pager, we set off along the clifftop path.

It was soon obvious that conditions were a bit different to yesterday's, it being blustery and the temperature having dropped 4 or 5 degrees, making the search that little bit harder. Trudging along the path, I felt that we were getting a few curious looks as to why we were looking in the complete opposite direction to the wonderful seabird colonies, so I sent Liz and Amy to check them out.

"I can't see the Brunnich's anywhere!!"

Getting back to the Shorelarks, we walked the length of the first ploughed field but no sign, they could have been pushed into one of the other fields or could well have been sheltering out of the wind. I'm sure they'll be back when the conditions improve and the bank holiday crowds have disappeared. Speaking to someone back in the visitor centre, there had been no sign when they had gone out at 6.30am looking for them. My third dip on the species in the county, following unsucessful attempts at Spurn and Flamborough, 4th time lucky?

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